Safety Brief
Pre Flight Checks
For the first flight of the day
November 2005

The following procedures will eliminate most of the
incidents (or accidents) associated with jet model flying.

  • Know the condition of the batteries and check for a full charge prior to flight.

  • Perform a radio range check. Using a JR radio, BVM expects at least 50 paces with the transmitter antenna removed and engine at idle.
  • Check that the control surfaces move in the direction of your control stick command.
  • Check the integrity of the landing gear and door pneumatic systems by having a helper hold the model while you retract the landing gear. Allow the gear to remain up for a minute and view the air pressure gauge to be sure that there are no leaks. Check the gauge again in the gear down position.
  • Connect the G.S.U. (Ground Support Unit) and check that the fail-safe option is selected. For JetCat users, simply turn off the transmitter and note the "F" on the G.S.U. display.
  • Note the temperatures on startup as compared to previous starts. Note the idle temperature. Check that the engine is not vibrating.
  • Use ear protection and a helper to hold the model, advance the throttle to full power and note the temperature and any evidence of vibration (bearing noise). With the engine at full power, observe the U.A.T. It should not be loosing fuel or allowing any bubbles into the fuel line and to the pump. Observe the fuel line into the engine for bubbles. If the U.A.T. is loosing fuel or passing bubbles, there is an air leak upstream and it must be fixed before flight. It is a good practice to check the U.A.T. plastic cap and the blue knurled fitting for security every few months.
  • Operate the wheel brakes and check for leaks in this system.
  • On taxi out, check the flight controls one more time.
  • If at any time during the flight, a control problem or surface flutter is noticed, shutdown the engine immediately. This action will give your model the best chance of survival and greatly eliminate the possibility of a fire on impact.

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