Located in Winter Springs, Fl, the BVM factory is only a 35 minute drive from the Orlando International Airport. Whether you are a BVM customer already or just looking to get started, the BVM showroom is unmatched in the industry.

   We hope that the BVM showroom is on your list of model establishments to visit if your travels bring you to Orlando, Florida. Just be sure we are not on-the-road though because many of these models are transported to the jet fly-in's for promotional duties there.

   All jet modelers are welcome and can enjoy viewing these beautiful samples and become more familiar with BVM products.

   If you will call ahead and make an appointment (407-327-6333), we will be sure that one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members is available to show you around.


These glass shelves display a few accessory items as well as models of the two Navy jets that BV flew in the 60's.  Just below is a folded American Flag that flew with pride 11 Sept 2009 over Bagram Air Base, Afganistan.  The citation and flag were presented to BVM by Kenneth W. Hartsfield DAC/YA02/GS12.

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