Flying Season 2013
and Safety Reminder

  Some turbine powered model airplanes exceed 55 pounds fueled and ready to fly.  There are specific AMA rules and necessary documents that apply to these models that must be filed with the AMA prior to flight.  It is the pilot / owner’s responsibility to comply with LTME-1 (Large Turbine Model Aircraft that weight between 55 and 77.2 pounds), and LTMA-2 (Large Turbine Model Aircraft that weighs between 77.2 and 100 pounds).
  These are extensive and restrictive regulations intended to allow the large jets to operate safely.  Again, it is the responsibility of the
pilot / owner to comply.


  While you are on the AMA site, refresh your knowledge and compliance with the Turbine Waiver rules Doc. 510-A. Issues has multiple articles relating to the safe operation of model turbine jets dating back to August 2000. 
  The jet events and active flying season are upon us, so please review the above information to assure compliance and operate your jet model with utmost concern for safety. We can best protect our sport with cautious and responsible behavior.


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