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Smoother with Gyros




  The 63" Sabre / Fury ARF's are gaining favor again with both turbine and EVF enthusiasts.  Adding Gyros to the rudder and ailerons of this swept wing legacy fighter make it fly and land so smooth and easy that it acts like a much larger model.  That's what gyro assist does, and it makes the pilot look good too!

Note:  The fullsize CAD drawings that come with the Sabre / Fury show the location of the rudder gyro.  Use the photos below to locate the aileron gyro.


For Turbine Power

  Small turbines in the 14 - 17 # thrust range work best for the Sabre / Fury.  The BVM Kevlar Fuel Tank (1.75 liter) provides a 9 minute flight.

 The carbon fiber engine Bypass and the double walled stainless steel tailpipe assure a cool running and safe installation.  There is no wasted thrust in this or any BVM engineered power plant installation.  The JetCat P-60SE, and the KingTeck K60 are all excellent turbine power choices.  Your turbine powered Sabre can have pneumatic retracts & doors or can be equipped with BVM's all electric retracts, doors & brakes.


Gyro Locations


All Electric Sabre / Fury


  The electric power just keeps getting better primarily because of improving LiPo battery technology, and, BVM keeps fine tuning the motor / ESC capability. An EVF 10S powered Sabre is very efficient and adequate power for most enthusiasts.  An EVF 12S powered system rivals the performance of a turbine powered Sabre / Fury with 6-7 minute high performance flight times.

  We have a lot of fun at jet events challenging turbine powered models with an EVF 12S powered Sabre.

  These beautifully crafted ARFs with full size plans and a 72 page manual with all options described, makes the BVM 63" ARF Sabre / Fury a very satisfying scale jet adventure.

Aileron Gyro Location: E-Sabre


Setting The Gyro Gains

  It is best to set the Gyro Gain rates according to the 3 wing flap positions. The BVM demo model uses the following percentages with a mix of the flap SW to AUX 2 on a JR 12X radio. Use the "Gyro Sens" Program.

  Aileron Rudder
Flaps Up...........................
Flaps Take-Off.................
Flaps Landing..................
  The Sabre / Fury conveniently fits into many SUV's in one piece.  See for all the info on the BVM Sabre / Fury ARF.


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