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From: Adam Falk
Sent: Wednesday, June 1, 2022 4:53 PM
To: Patty <>
Subject: Re: L-39 and Renegade Pictures 

The L-39 has become a really great scale airframe to fly and always receives many complements on the ground or in the air. The airframe has been detailed with complete placards found on the actual full scale aircraft. Itís powered by Cheetah 160SE, guided by a Spektrum iX-20SE with a Spektrum AR20310T & CortexPro.

The Renegade is an incredibly stable airframe that can handle anything from F3S precision aerobatics to aggressive freestyle maneuvers. Itís powered by a Jetsmunt 250XBL, guided by a Spektrum iX-20SE with a Spektrum AR20400T & CortexPro.


Adam Falk



Brian Blois from Colorado was able to get out and maiden his L-39. This is a great looking scheme and shows very well. Brian's aircraft is powered with a KingTech K-160 and guided by an IX20 and a Cortex Pro.


Len Todd is getting some assistance from Ali Machinchy setting up the electronics in the BVM L-39.

On-The-Field Support is an important part of BVM and Horizon Hobby event attendance.


Juan Vidal from Puerto Rico is all smiles after his maiden flight with his L-39.
Juan is using a Jeti radio.


Jimmy Safie and his son Federico posed with his BVM L-39 PNP. The L-39 is powered by a Jet Central Cheetah, Spektrum RX 20310, and Gyro 3E. Jimmy stated "Great Flying Plane!".


From: Jimmy Safie
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 12:12 AM
To: Patty Generali; Heather
Subject: L-39 Maiden flight

Dear Patty and Bob,

Thanks for the great support and customer service. Maiden was a joyful flight! Installed a JetCentral Cheetah SE, excellent power. CG was good without any additional weight.

Jimmy Safie




  Greg Arnette accomplished the maiden flights on his BVM PNP L-39 on 6 August 2016. The conditions at his ranch were perfect, so it was a matter of just a few flights to get the control travels and gyro adjustments dialed in. The BVM manual describes all of the settings and an SD Card is available for a Spektrum 18X radio. Of course, every pilot has his preference for expo numbers.



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