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Jimmy Safie and his son Federico posed with his BVM L-39 PNP. The L-39 is powered by a Jet Central Cheetah, Spektrum RX 20310, and Gyro 3E. Jimmy stated "Great Flying Plane!".


From: Jimmy Safie
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 12:12 AM
To: Patty Generali; Heather
Subject: L-39 Maiden flight

Dear Patty and Bob,

Thanks for the great support and customer service. Maiden was a joyful flight! Installed a JetCentral Cheetah SE, excellent power. CG was good without any additional weight.

Jimmy Safie




  Greg Arnette accomplished the maiden flights on his BVM PNP L-39 on 6 August 2016. The conditions at his ranch were perfect, so it was a matter of just a few flights to get the control travels and gyro adjustments dialed in. The BVM manual describes all of the settings and an SD Card is available for a Spektrum 18X radio. Of course, every pilot has his preference for expo numbers.



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