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Ultra Bandit Addendum #120216
Update to instruction manual page 44

Ultra Bandit Wing Flap Gage

1/8" Laser cut Plywood

See also page 44 of the Ultra Bandit Manual dated December 2, 2016.



  The Assembly and Operations Manual for BVM's Flag Ship "Ultra Bandit" has been completely updated.  It reflects all Hi Voltage radio components, application of the E-Brake, the Hi-Flow Fuel System, and various new engine installations.  The Ultra Bandit just got lighter, easier to assemble, and more efficient.

  If you purchased your Ultra Bandit after 1 January 2014 and it is not finished and flying, BVM will send you a Version 2.2 at no charge.

Just give us a call to confirm.

Ultra Bandit Addendum #032812

Update to instruction manual page 41

Ultra Bandit Addendum #010612
Update to instruction manual pages 66-67

Click here to download the update (pdf file) (1,124 KB)






Parts sold as a package.

Part # K7300-75
Price $42.00


Addendum #120208

Page 18 of the manual shows (2) dimensions of 1 3/4".  The upper dimension should read 1 1/4"


Addendum #080808



Installing An Additional 90° Brass Fitting
in completed Kevlar Header Tank
use BVM part # 3097A


Remove the alum. fitting and clunk assembly from the front of the tank.  Flush the inside of the tank with Acetone or Lacquer Thinner and clean the outside surface as well.
Thinner clean and scuff the outside surface of the brass fitting with sandpaper and file.  Check that the drilled passage in the fitting is clear.

Mark and scuff an area as shown, then drill a hole with a #21 bit.  Use a vacuum hose next to the drill to collect the fibers.  Self thread the fitting into the tank, then remove.


Apply Aeropoxy to fitting and around the drilled hole and thread it into the Kevlar.  Orient the fitting to desired direction.



Use a toothpick to position glue for a completely filleted bond.  Allow to cure.


Plumb each Saddle Tank fuel line to its separate "In" fitting on the top of the header tank.



Addendum #070308

  Large Engine Fuel Systems Modification

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Ultra Bandit Header Tank

Under certain combinations of high throttle and low throttle use, there have been a fuel supply deficiency problems.

The Fix

Add a 2nd "In" (90°)fitting to the top of the header tank and eliminate the "T" fitting. Plumb the saddle tanks (fuel pick up lines) directly to each of the 2 "In" fittings on the header tank.

This modification is applicable to turbine engine installations like the JetCat P-180 and P-200.

90° Brass Fittings available from BVM

Part # 3097A       Price: $3.75 each



Addendum #052908


Aileron Hinge Stiffener

Installing these 1/8" balsa sub spars takes only a few minutes to accomplish and the result is a more stable aileron hinge system.  There is less likelyhood that the aileron bottom leading edge will encounter (catch on) the wing trailing edge as the model is subjected to climatic changes.

This is a worthwhile upgrade to your Ultra Bandit.

The cost of the parts and shipping in the USA is $12.00
outside the USA $22.00

Order Online!
Kits delivered post June 1, 2008 have the mod factory installed.

In The USA
BVM #K7300A-37 $12.00

Outside The USA
BVM #K7300A-37 $22.00


Addendum #041608

Equipment Installation


 Addendum #031408

 The correct "Y" Harness to use for the 2.4 radios is the JRPA135.

  Ultra Bandit
Smoke Tanks


We adapted 2 BVM Kevlar tanks to provide sufficient volume for a smoke system.  Assemble the tanks with AeroPoxy per the same method as used with the fuel system tanks.

Tank A is located between the wing spar mounts.  Make a 1/16" round notch in the wing box to accept the brass neck.  The brass fitting on the top of "A" vents to the overflow fitting.

The B tank rests under one of the inlets.  You can hold it in place with adhesive backed velcro or foam.  "B" tank draws smoke oil from tank "A" and delivers it to the smoke pump through a rotary on - off valve.

A "T" fitting in this line allows filling the tanks.

The overflow from tank "A" exits the bottom of the fuselage through a brass fitting just aft of the fuel system overflow.

Some installations may require a clearance hole in the bottom of the By-Pass duct.

Apply aluminum tape to the area of the tank that protrudes into the By-Pass.

Ultra Bandit
Addendum #110707

Flap Servo Mounting and Linkage Installation, supplemental photos and instructions for pages 43 and 44 of the Ultra Bandit assembly manual.
Follow the instructions given in the manual using these specially made aluminum servo arms.  These arms come pre-fitted with a matching clevis.  Do not mix these clevises with any other clevises.  The holes have been sized to accept the corresponding pin to minimize slop.

Note:  These control arms have a very tight fit onto the splines of the servo shaft.  Make sure the flap travel is checked before tightening the black servo screw.

Please call is you wish to purchase these servo arms.
As seen on page 44, a short "Phillips" driver bit works well in this close situation.  Make a simple handle from a maple block for increased leverage.

Ultra Bandit
Addendum #101707


Use a PermaGrit ball end rotary cutter to grind an arch in the plywood rib servo pocket.
Position the servo wire as shown to install the servo. The wire passes through the arch.
Note: This applies to kits manufactured prior to October 07,2007.

Ultra Bandit
Addendum #030707


Add a bead of Aeropoxy to 3 sides of the stab and fin mounting brackets. Attach a 12”-14” piece of 4mm fuel line to the glue nozzle and hand guide it into position.

 Extensive flying of the #2 prototype caused the fin bracket to develop a little side to side play. This procedure will prevent this from occurring with your “Ultra”. Kits manufactured post 1/1/07 include this addendum.

The #2 prototype Ultra has been flying with the new larger fuel cells (BVM #K7300-30) which hold 6.2 Liters of fuel. A JetCat P-180 is installed and the flight time is 17 minutes. The same tanks with an AMT Olympus will provide 13-14 minute flights (as tested in a customers Ultra). If you decide to land early with these larger fuel cells, there will still be a considerable amount of additional weight in the model.
A 9-minute flight is suitable for most people, therefore we would recommend using the smaller 4.8 Liter fuel cells (BVM #K7300-35) with the JetCat P-180.

Ultra Bandit
Addendum #020907

Drilled and cut metal servo arms are now available to drive the Ultra Bandit flaps. 
Ask for BVM # K7300M-MA037 Price $25.00 (2 per pack)


                    Flaps in the up position.                                                                                   Flaps in the down position.

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