Craig Wilson
28 Feb 1949 - 2 Nov 2008
by: Bob Violett

A great friend, a great modeler and a Vietnam War hero left us on 2 Nov 2008.

Craig and I enjoyed each other's company on many long trips during the early days of promoting ducted fan jets.

Affectionately nick named "Goofy" by a high school teacher, only his best friends would use that "Tag".  But as big and powerful as Craigs physical presence was, his personality was akin to that of a Teddy Bear.  The ladies especially recognized this.

Wounded in the jungle of South Vietnam, Craig's heroism was known to only a few of to his best friends - he was a humble man.  Suffice to say that the Army doesn't just give away Two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart (see enclosures). Craig served his country and the cause of freedom in a most distinguished manner.  Actually, the war related stress, P.T.S.D. (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) was instrumental in Craig succumbing to the congestive heart failure that he suffered with. 

Ms. Susan Peters has arranged a Celebration of Craig's Life on 28 Feb 09 at 1pm at the Deland R/C Airport.

The following photos capture a portion of Craig's life and artful modeling accomplishments.

Bronze Star Medal

Craig in "Indian Country" South Vietnam 1970.

Craig at the Mid Atlantic Jet Rally in 1998 after an early morning flight with the Bandit.

Craig in "Full Uniform" for some jet modeling fun.

At the Lake House in 1993.

More samples of Craig's artistic flare.


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