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Skyhawk Revisited
at Sun-n-Fun April 2013

Dave Dollerhide, Bob Violett, and Larry Elmore

  Sun-n-Fun is an annual gathering of aviation enthusiasts in Lakeland, Florida.  Hundreds of display and airshow airplanes attract thousands of spectators from around the world.  This was my first visit to Sun-n-Fun even though it’s only a 1-1/2 hour drive from BVM.  Previously, we have always been too busy preparing and practice flying our model jets for the “Top Gun Scale Invitational” that is scheduled in late April / early May.
  When I read in the Skyhawk Association Journal that the “Skyhawk Ventures” A-4C was going to be there, we made time to attend.  It was a very rewarding experience just to get next to a Skyhawk again.  It has been 45 years since I last climbed out of the cockpit on 26 September 1968. 

  As a young Naval Aviator, I logged just over 1100 hours in the A-4B, A-4C, A-4E, A-4F, and the TA-4F with 378 carrier landings and 76 green ink log book entries.  The two other guys in the photo, Dave Dollarhide and Larry Elmore are luckier than I, they are still flying this perfectly restored A-4C.  It belongs to Dan Carr, also a former "Skooter" pilot from the 60’s, and the aircraft is based and maintained at Sanford, Florida Airport and is being campaigned at multiple airshows.
  These privately funded military jets are more important now that the “Sequestration” process has deprived American Citizens the privilege of viewing our aviation armed forces in action.


Skyhawks have a pair of 20mm cannons used
for strafing targets at low level in a 15
° dive.

See also: www.a4skyhawk.org


Bob flew this Skymaster 1/5th scale A-4 at the "First in Flight" event in Wilson, North Carolina May 2011. 

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