In Memory of:

Tom Dodgen

1955 - 2008

Our Aeromodeling community has lost a talented and generous member.

Born on 1 February 1955 in Winnsboro, Texas, Tom was introduced to modeling at an early age by his father and cherished a very loving relationship with his "Daddy" (as Tom always called him) partly because of this great "uniting" hobby that we all enjoy.

Following his early education in Winnsboro, Tom graduated from Texas A + M and worked for a period of time in Houston for an industrial building company.  Subsequently, he operated his family's oil distribution company before joining BVM in August of 2000.

Tommy became a very important part of the BVM team where he so generously applied his skills and time.  He loved being a part of the "new products" development group and was a very proud contributor to the "Made in America" jets and U.A.V. projects.

We all respected Tom's flying skills as he had the most perfect vision and steady hands.  In his career of helping other Jet modelers, Tom kept a log of the many "First Flights" he made on new jets.  The number was 169, and all successful.

As a "Top Gun" pilot, Tom always placed well.  His favorite ride in recent years was a BVM Mig-15 and every landing a "grease job". 

A good man's life just can't be covered in a few paragraphs but many of Tom's friends in the jet modeling community have expressed their heart felt condolences and want to thank Tom Dodgen for his life and his most generous contributions to their hobby.

Besides being a member of the "BVM Team", Tom Dodgen and I became very close and trusting friends.  He was part of the "Violett" family.  Tom died of heart failure.  "Dear God, take care of him."


The BVM hospitality party of Florida Jets '08 will host a tribute to Tom's modeling achievements.

Your can do a search for Tom at the jet meets by typing Tom Dodgen in our search option.

Monetary remembrances can be sent to the AMA Scholarship Fund.

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