Filling your JetCat propane system.

    For many years, many of our customers had the luxury of using the BVM "Trigger Valve"; unfortunately we are no longer capable of acquiring the components required to produce the product.

JCA1005          4mm tube      JCA1008

    The items required to fill your propane system are included in the JetCat fittings package in your new turbine.  If you have misplaced these items please call to order these inexpensive parts.  (JCA1005 and JCA1008) 



  1. Note the direction of "free flow" marked on the white check valve and the "turned down" end of the black fitting.

  2. Use a scrap piece of clear 4mm tube to connect the white check valve to the black barbed fitting. 

  3. Keep the length of the scrap 4mm tube short to avoid wasting propane upon disconnect.

  4. To fill, gently push the black fitting straight into the top of the Powermax can. 

  5. Fill until the bubbles begin to slow, as typical.

  6. disconnect the black fitting from the can and leave in the model.

Starting Gas Diagram

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