Control Surface Flex Hinge Tune-Up

Many ARF models utilize this system of hinging control surfaces because it is a very strong hinge system and is accomplished at the factory.

Occasionally because of climatic changes, the bottom surfaces may “catch” or interfere with control travel surface actuation.

Perma-Grit FXT-103

Should this happen, use a Perma-Grit FXT-103 fine abrasive strip to further bevel the L.E. of the control surface. Here the grit side is down. You can also adjust the T.E. of the main surface by using the FXT-103, grit side up.

Note: When the model is not in use, allow the control surfaces (Ailerons and Elevator) to droop down. This helps to prevent the thin T.E. from curling inward.

There are many other uses for this product since it can be cut with shears and bent to shape as the task calls for.

Add an FXT-103 in with your next order from BVM and save some shipping charges.

Perma-Grit FXT-103

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