Springtime Tune-up and U.A.T. check up.
BVM has the products to help

Batteries, air systems and fuel systems need to
be checked after an extended period of non use.


Air Systems

Parker Super O-lubeJust like hydraulic systems in real aircraft, our pneumatic systems work best if exercised regularly. BVM air cylinders are assembled using Parker "Super O-lube" on the O-ring seals.
BVM Heavy Duty Air LineIf a cylinder gets sticky or dry or is bypassing air, you can use a hobby type syringe to inject a small amount of fresh Super O-lube into the cylinder and cycle it a few times. Check that it does not leak in the center stroke position as well as at both extremities of travel.
The air line (pneumatic tubing) should be changed out if the model is more than 2 years old. The tubing that BVM introduced in 2002 has proven to be much less affected by time, temperature, pressure and use. A system plumbed with this heavy duty air line can operate safely up to 160 psi in 95°F temps. Our factory models that have been plumbed with this tubing for over 2 years are performing well.

Fuel System

We use the clear poly tubing for the 6mm plumbing in the fuel system. It allows easy detection of air bubbles in the fuel flow.
However, the combination of sunlight and turbine oil causes this tubing to get less pliable and it darkens with age.
We suggest changing it annually to avoid problems.
A good preflight check of the fuel system should be accomplished prior to the first flight of the day. Simply run the engine at full power for about 30 seconds and watch the U.A.T. and all visible fuel lines for air bubbles. If the fuel level in the U.A.T. decreases, air is being sucked into the system somewhere upstream of the U.A.T. or the seal in the cap of the U.A.T. or 6mm tubing to brass fittings is leaking.
Air bubbles anywhere in the fuel system are unacceptable.

Safety Wire

Secure the 6mm tubing onto all brass and aluminum nipple fittings in the fuel system except for the overflow lines.
Sullivan packages .020" stainless wire that is available in hobby stores. Automotive speed shops also stock spools of safety wire in the .020" to .032" diameter.
Check the security of the U.A.T. cap. If it is removed for any reason, replace the teflon tape seal with 2-3 wraps of 1/2" wide "pipe thread seal tape," available at plumbing supply stores.

Range Check the radio

We have written about this in our kit instruction manuals. Be sure to check it periodically.



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