Smooth Stop
O-ring change


The BVM Smooth Stop proportional brake valve relies on 3 O-rings to seal and separate the air chambers for reliable operation.
In-the-field use suggests that these very delicate items need to be changed and lubricated about once per year. Climatic conditions may also affect the change cycle.

  • Remove the brass plunger.
  • Pinch the O-ring(s) to force a portion of it out of its groove.
  • Use a wooden round toothpick to peel the O-ring(s) off.
  • Apply BVM Super O-lube (part #5779) to the fresh O-ring(s) and install.

Normal Operations

  • Check the instructions to know how to properly install and operate the Smooth Stop.
  • Always cycle the brake system before the first flight of the day to be sure that the O-rings are sealing properly.
Smooth Stop O-rings (6), Part #5743, $5.00

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