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New improved P-80/P-120 bypass tube. Notice the slight bulge to accommodate the front end of a JetCat engine. This increased area works well for F-86 and T-33/F-80 installations. JetCat Bypass tube

JetCat Limited Warranty

        1.) The limited warranty term has been extended to 3 years for parts and labor.

        2.) The limited warranty follows the turbine, no matter who owns it. No transfer charges ever! This helps protect your investment by ensuring maximum resale value.

        3.) Our new 3 year limited warranty is effective as of Sept. 1, 2007. All new JetCat USA SEs sold from May 1, 2007 feature the new limited warranty effective from the date of purchase. Current original SE owners already have the new limited warranty!

        4.) We all know that (unfortunately) if we fly, we will eventually have a crash. Under the new limited warranty, once any turbine crash damage is repaired, the balance of the warranty term is still in effect.

        To maintain warranty coverage, all the current owner needs to do is make sure the standard 25 hour interval service is performed. JetCat USA is offering an option to buy a service voucher for the first 25 hour service at a fixed cost of $250 for thrust turbines and $300 for helicopter or two stage turbines. This ensures the first 50 hours of service will cost you no more than $250/$300.

 Fixed cost service voucher conditions:

  1. The service voucher must be purchased directly from JetCat USA.

  2. Must be purchased within 30 days of turbine purchase. Current JetCat USA owners have until Oct. 31st if they choose to purchase a service voucher

  3. The service voucher is valid for up to 4 years. It can be used even if the turbine has not archived 25 hours of use within the 4 year term. This gives the customer up to 1 year past the limited warranty period to receive a fixed cost service if the first 25 hour service interval had not been reached.

  4. To prevent any extra service charges, the turbine must be serviced no later than the recommended 25 hour service interval.

  5. The service voucher can only be used with the turbine it is registered with.

  6. The service voucher is transferable if the turbine is sold but the new owner must register the transfer within 30 days.

  7. If the turbine is crashed or damaged, the service voucher can be applied as partial payment if the service voucher value is equal to or less than the repair cost.

  8. If the turbine is destroyed because of a crash or other damage, the service voucher can be re-registered to a similar replacement turbine if purchased directly from JetCat USA. This is limited to the original service voucherís 4 year term.

Important for DX-7 users
We have had several problems with our Learn R/C set up procedure with these radios. Please follow the following procedures to properly Learn R/C and test the failsafe.

  • Set the End Points to +/- 100% for the throttle channel.

  • Put in the Binding plug and learn the failsafe for low throttle / low trim.

  • Remove binding plug and reset the End Points to +/- 50%. This is very important since our normal +/- 75% does not work reliably.

  • Learn R/C.

  • Test failsafe by shutting off the transmitter and making sure you see the 'F' appear on the GSU top center display.

Putting the End Points to +/- 50% still gives you about 500 throttle settings for the total stick travel.

Titan SE and P120 SE turbines
Introduced at Florida Jets 2007, the new P120 SE and Titan SE engines were quite the hit. They were demonstrated on John Redman's KingCat and Tam Jets F18 and F16. John, Dave Presta and Russ Giordano really demonstrated the fast throttle response, power and reliability. During the event many pilots asked if there older JetCat engines could be updated. Well the answer is, some can! Some of the mechanical updates have been in our P120 and Titans since October 2005 manufacture. These engines should only require a few modifications and ECU updates. Older engines would not be economically practical to update to the SE versions.

The following serial numbers are updatable>
P120 serial #1996 and newer.
Titan serial #0896 and newer.
The cost for updating is $300.00 + return shipping if your ECU has removable throttle and auxiliary input cables. Otherwise a new V6.0 ECU processor board must be installed for an additional $120.00.
Please note: These updates are for the SE conversion only and must be made on well maintained engines. 

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