Sanding Equipment

   Because we do a lot of tooling, model building, and finishing at BVM, sanding is an everyday experience for us.  We have found that using 3M Adhesive backed Open Coat, Pre-Cut sandpaper in 2 3/4" wide roll format is very handy.

   You can acquire this product at automotive paint stores in a variety of cutting grits.  Primarily, we use #80, #180, and #320 to do 90% of the sanding chores.

   It is good practice to use flat blocks, round rods, wedge shaped blocks etc. before proceeding to more flexible pads for final finish sanding.  Make the sandpaper mounting forms as needed for each job.  The photo shows a sampling of handy tools.  You can design the size of the tools for efficient use of the sandpaper.

   For simple hand sanding, you can just fold the sandpaper on itself and cut as shown.

   Hotel plastic key cards with the sandpaper applied to one or both sides will have many applications because they are thin and a bit flexible.  Trim off the exposed end of the card.  This tool with #180 grit paper is excellent for initial sanding of resin/fiberglass cloth covered wood wings and tails.

   The more you work with these 3M abrasive products and custom made sanding tools, the easier and faster your sanding chores can be handled.

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