Adapting BVM Hi-Flow Fittings
To Non BVM Tanks Such As Skymaster

BVM # TA-SR-1017

  BVM developed the Hi-Flow Fuel System to benefit performance and reliability of model jet engines in the 180N (40# of thrust) class and larger.

  As stated on the BVM Hi-Flow web-page link, everything that the fuel passes through from the clunk to the engine fuel pump has been enlarged for higher volume, lower resistance, fuel flow.

1/16 G-10 (Epoxy F/G Plate Stock)
BVM# TA-SR-1017 Hi-Flow Disc
Package of (3) - $11.95

To adapt the Hi-Flow tank fitting TA-SR-1004 to an existing tank with the smaller fuel fitting, you must first remove the existing fitting.

Use a 1/16 Carbide Cutter to cut close around the fitting. Clean up the rough cut with a Dremel drum sander.

Keep the hole as small as possible so that the
G-10 disc will completely cover it with a good margin.
Refer to the drawing that comes with the
TA-SR-1004 fitting and this photo to assemble the unit to the fiber plate disc. Glue in the brass fitting from both sides to create a good seal.

Scuff all surfaces that will receive Aeropoxy Glue

The 90 elbow Vent Fitting TA-SR-1005 can be installed on the top of the tank. If you have access to the inside of the tank in that area, the hex nut can be installed and glued in.

Otherwise make a hole in the tank that is .280 diameter and self thread the vent fitting in with a bit of Aeropoxy.

Start the hole with a 1/16 carbide cutter, drill with a 1/4 bit, then enlarge as necessary with a Perma-Grit round file.

You can push and self thread the Vent Fitting into the 0.280 hole. Back it about half way out, apply Aeropoxy and thread it back in place.

Another example of the Vent Fitting secured with Aeropoxy.
Disc and Brass Fitting glued in.
Hi-Flow Tank Fitting installed.
Before and after accomplishing this adaptation with any fuel tank, rinse it out with denatured alcohol or lacquer thinner.

Low pressure air can be helpful in removing small chips and dust.

See also BVM Jets Hi-Flow diagram link at:

Hi-Flow Fuel System at:

Fuel System Guidelines at:


Hi-Flow Disc

1/16 G-10 (Epoxy F/G Plate Stock)
BVM# TA-SR-1017            Package of (3) - $11.95




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