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A-4 1:5.5


BAE Hawk

BAE Hawk 1:3.65


F-14 1:7.5

F-16 1:6

F-18 C D

F-18 E F

F-4 1:6

F-4 1:7 3/4


F-86 1:5

F-9F Panther

F-9F Cougar






Viper Jet

Viper Jet XXL



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ARF PLUS "1:7 3/4" F-4C & F-4E Complete Kit
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Length: Nose E - 98 1/4" (2500mm)
Nose C - 93 1/5" (2360mm)
Wingspan: 63" (1600mm)
Dry Weight: 34-36 Lbs (15.5-16.5 Kg)
Power: 34-40Lb (14-18 Kg)
Radio: min. 9 Servos required

Kit Price
(all white gel coat) C or E Nose part # AF410
$2,295.00 (painted) C or E Nose

Skymaster ARF Plus F-4 Designer & Test Pilot: Anton Lin

Kit Features:

  • Carbon Fiber tube plug-in for wing spars

  • Dual ball bearing for elevator

  • Carbon Fiber for vertical fins shaft

  • All live hinging with precision gap sealing

  • Very scale surface with details and full rivets

  • Super light and very strong

    Full rivets and very scale details and dual ball bearings for elevator.

    New rod set for elevators

    Skymaster has the innovation to introduce Wing-Bags for the F-4 kit (free)


The new 4" (100mm) main wheels and dual wall disc brake.

Scale Landing Gear (If purchased with combo) $1,095.00 Retail Price $1,095.00 part # AP441
Designer: Li Kai (Made in Taiwan)
includes: High Quality Hydraulic Oleo Legs with Dual wall disc wheel (inflatable tires) brake


Air Kit $165.00 part # AK441
includes: install package with electronic brake valves

Kevlar Fuel Tank Cell (200 oz/5.7L) $145.00 part # AP442K
Carbon Fiber By-Pass (for P120-P160)  $75.00 # AP446
Carbon Fiber By-Pass (for P180-P200) $95.00 # AP446B
dual wall exhaust pipe (for P120-P160) $265.00 part # AP443
dual wall exhaust pipe (for P180-P200) $295.00 part # AP443B
Hardware set $65.00 part # AP444
Gear Doors Cylinders and Hinges installed $95.00 part # AP445

Twin Kevlar Fuel Tank Cell $145.00 # AP442TK
Twin dual wall exhaust pipe $250.00 # AP443T

Order the Pro version for an additional $95.00 - Landing gear and gear doors factory installed.



add cockpit for $125.00 with kit purchase (w/o pilots) part # AP447

Ordinance set $395.00 with kit purchase (unpainted) part # AP448
                      $595.00 with kit purchase (painted) part # AP448P


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Paint Schemes:

# AF410  C Nose White  $1,695.00

# AF410  E Nose White  $1,695.00

# AF411TB  E Nose  $2,295.00

# AF411BA  C Nose  $2,295.00

# AF412A  E Nose  $2,295.00

# AF412B  E Nose  $2,295.00

# AF413  C Nose  $2,295.00

# AF414DE  E Nose  $2,295.00

# AF415  C Nose  $2,295.00

# AF416  C Nose  $2,295.00

# AF417  C Nose  $2,295.00   

# AF418  C Nose  $2,295.00


# AF419  C Nose  $2,295.00

# AF423  C Nose  $2,295.00

# AF424  C Nose  $2,295.00

# AF426  C Nose  $2,295.00



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