Adjustment to main gear mounts

Use a flat file to square-out the radii in the corners of the forward mount. Also remove about .010" from the aft edge as the arrows indicates. This can be accomplished with the mounts in the wing as you receive them. This procedure allows the main gear unit to seat properly onto the aluminum mounts. Units manufactured after June 1, 2001 have been adjusted at the factory.

Extra Air

We added an extra air tank (BVM #4218) to the retract system to boost the volume that is available to operate the 3 large cylinders. Simply "T" connect it to the fill valve and store it in the fuse opposite the 16oz. header fuel tank.

Firm Landing Test

I wouldn't call it a "smash hit" but it certainly was a solid planting on the runway at Mississippi. There was a fairly stiff wind, about 45° cross, and I should have had a bit more power on for the touchdown.
The good news is that the gear and its mounting system handled that "arrival" without damage.
It appears that the F-100 landing gear system will earn a reputation like the F-4's system. We certainly tried to design it that way.
Of course, everything has its breaking (or bending) point, but BVM keeps the parts in stock and has the machinery and trained personnel to service them when the need arises.

Click here for some helpful pointers when gearing up your F-100 Super Sabre.

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