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BVM EVF ~3~ 10s
A 10 cell system for
Sport Performance

   160+ mph and 6-7 minute flights are just right for many of our customers.  This system is our most simple to operate and economical to own and it definitely out performs the glow powered D/F systems that it was designed to replace.  The simplicity and value considerations of a 10s operation are maximized with the EVF ~3~ 10s.  The latest Thunder Power battery technology also enhances the EVF ~3~ performance, this makes grassfield operation that much better.  One 10S charger will allow *45 minute cycle times at the field.  This power combination is an excellent choice for the Electra Jet, Sabre and a drop-in replacement of the early DF powered Maverick, Ultra Viper, and Aggressor III.

* Note:  The Cellpro PowerLab 6 allows 30 minute cycle times.

Bob Violett, Peanut, and Harley Condra

EVF ~3~ 10S

   EVF ~3~ 10S power unit has been test flown in both the BVM Electra and Sabre Jet with excellent results.  It delivers 16# of thrust (test cell) at 107 amps and runs very very cool.  In-Flight motor temps registered a maximum of 136F after the most demanding vertical climbs.
   The Castle Creation's Edge Lite HV160 is housed and kept cool in the EVF's epoxy fiberglass and Kevlar aft fairing for an all up weight of 2Lbs. 3oz.  Utilizing ThunderPower 70C 6600 mAh LiPo's (10 cells) we are getting 6+ minute flights without stressing the batteries, i.e. using less than 80% of the capacity.


Engineered for Success

This slogan applies to all BVM Jets, power systems, and accessories.  No other company invests so much to professionally design, tool, prototype, and test fly their products prior to production.

At BVM, you get what you pay for.  Our products work as advertised, and we maintain a knowledgeable staff of engineers, builders, and R/C jet pilots to help guarantee your success.


List of components to operate an EVF ~3~ 10s

Part # Product
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Description Function Price
E1300-85 EVF ~3~ 10s 9er

BVM 10s Motor
with Castle Edge Lite HV160 E.S.C., dynamically balanced rotor, factory tested.

16.4 Lbs. thrust $1,595.00

E1000-58 EFuel Power Supply 
1200 watts
1 required $250.00

V-FM-CP POWERLAB6 Cellpro PowerLab 6    
1000 watts
1 required for a 12s system.

Average charge time - 25 minutes


V-FM-MPAXHPLUS MPA-XH Adapter Combo with Deans and Cable for connecting to a PowerLab Charger   $69.90

V-FM-MPA4PPLDNSUS Four Port MPA XH Combo with a Deans Connector and Cable for connecting to a PowerLab Charger   $50.90

V-FM-MPA4PPLEC5US Four Port MPA XH Combo with a Deans Connector and Cable for connecting to a PowerLab Charger   $50.90

TP6600-10SR70SD Balanced cell technology
(2) 5s2p 6600mAh Saddle CellsTM

Velcro and Flight Log included.

1 pair required for 10s system $479.98

E1000-22 Power Plug 2

Low resistance plug that eliminates a "Y" Harness.

1 required $29.95

E1000-43 Power Meter

Use to check pack voltage before and after flight.

1 required Deans connector included $49.99




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