EVF ~3~ 12S


 20# Thrust on 5100 Watts


U.S. Pat. 8,310,117 B2


12 Stator System

 A 12 cell system for Larger Jets

Now features the "9er" Blade system

   An additional 3 Lbs. of thrust (over a 10s system) is available with the EVF ~3~ 12s system.  A larger motor and 2 extra LiPo cells gives us a fan system that will drive a 19-24 Lb. model with convincing jet-like performance.  A properly built model in the 19-21 Lb. range that is equipped with landing gear doors (as all BVM jets are) can easily yield 7-8 minutes of flight time on ThunderPower 7700mAh LiPo's.


T.P. "Magna and Rampage Series" Balance Boards

In early 2015, Thunder Power introduced a “Magna Series 70C LiPo” battery with a JST-XH balance lead connector to transition to industry standards.

This new connector is different from the balance lead connector previously provided on Thunder Power batteries and requires using a different balance adapter board.

Although the Magna JST-XH connector is a close fit to the original adapter board used with Cellpro products, it is important that customers understand that neither BVM or our distributors can support any warranty claims when the original adapter board, CP8S-TP/PQ6S is used for charging the “Magna and Rampage Series” batteries.

Guidelines for PowerLab 8 or 6 chargers:

• For Thunder Power G8 Pro Force or earlier batteries:
Use the CP8S-TP/PQ6S-PAR-US adapter board.

• For Thunder Power "Magna and Rampage Series" batteries:
Use the new CP8S-GP/KO6S-PAR-US adapter board.

• Follow all safety instructions when charging batteries

These products and other charger accessories are available through www.bvmjets.com


List of components to operate an EVF ~3~ 12s.

Part # Product
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Description Function Price Quantity
E1300-90 EVF ~3~ 12s 9er

BVM 12s Motor
with Castle Edge Lite HV160 E.S.C., dynamically balanced rotor, factory tested.

20 Lbs. thrust $1,595.00
E1000-58 EFuel Power Supply
1200 watts
1 required $250.00
V-FM-CP POWERLAB6 Cellpro PowerLab 6    
1000 watts
1 required for a 12s system. 3 balance boards included per charger.

Average charge time - 25 minutes

V-FM-CP8SGPKO6S-PAR-US Cellpro PL-GP Safe Parallel

For 2015-Current ThunderPower Batteries

3 required $15.95


TP6600-12SR70SD (3) 4s 2p 6600 mAh Saddle Cells

Velcro and flight log included

These 3 batteries are connected in series. $569.99
 TP7700-12SR70SD (3) 4s 2p 7700 mAh Saddle Cells

Velcro and flight log included

These 3 batteries are connected in series. $749.99
E1000-23 Power Plug 3

Low resistance plug that eliminates a "Y" Harness.

1 required $34.95
E1000-43 Power Meter

Use to check pack voltage before and after flight.

1 required Deans connector included $49.99
V-ET-MA220 AMP Clamp Meter

used to check/set max power

1 required $99.95

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