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EVF ~3~ 16S

The Ultimate Electric Jet Experience!


  200 mph straight and level, and unlimited vertical climbs are now an every flight experience with a BVM EVF ~3~ 16S '9er installed in an E Bandit.  While this performance is not for everyone, it spoils some of us once we enjoy it. The sound is like a muffled roar. 
  BVM wants customers of the new EVF 16S to have prior experience with the EVF 10S, 12S or 14S before venturing into this higher voltage system.  The 16S instruction package includes photo enhanced step-by-step installation and operation in an E Bandit, new, or as a retrofit. A few modifications to the airframe and just a few extra parts make it easy to accomplish.

  So, if the "Wow Factor" is part of your hobby enjoyment, call and talk to Bob Violett about this latest offering. It will be available soon!



EVF ~3~ 16S


 24+ # Thrust on 8150 Watts


U.S. Pat. 8,310,117 B2


12 Stator System


List of components to operate an EVF ~3~ 16S.

Part # Product
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Description Function Price
E1600-92 EVF ~3~ 16s 9er

BVM 16s Motor
with proprietary E.S.C., dynamically balanced rotor, factory tested.

24+ Lbs. thrust


E1000-58 EFuel Power Supply
1200 watts
1 required


V-FM-CP POWERLAB6 Cellpro PowerLab 6    
1000 watts
1 required for a 12s system. 3 balance boards included per charger.

Average charge time - 25 minutes


PA-SR-0101 Safe Parallel Adapter and Cable

For 12S System

1 required

$56.95 each

TP7700-16SR70SD 7700mAh 16-Cell/ 12S 44.4V Rampage 70C Lipo 4 PCS 4S Saddle Cells (Flat), Deans

Velcro and flight log included

1 required


E1350-24 Power Plug 4+

Safety Plug & Anti Spark

1 required


E1000-43 Power Meter

Use to check pack voltage before and after flight.

1 required Deans connector included


V-ET-MA220 AMP Clamp Meter

used to check/set max power

1 required




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