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Super Sabre Sport Flying

Enjoying jets in January is one of the benefits of Florida living. So, when Bruce Faber said he could get away from work for a few days and Jet Case transport his F-100, Mitch Weiss and I joined in for some Super Sabre flying fun.
Even Florida can get cold in January, but by 10 a.m. the JetCat P-120 (Bruce's power plant) and the AMT Pegasus (Mitch's and BV's) and the pilots were loving the cool dry air. By noon the jackets were off and the Jet A was flowing as fast as we could pump it and burn it.
We are happy to report that F-100 pilots feel that this seemingly complex model is extremely easy to fly and land. The accuracy of the tooling and the control set-up described in the instruction package along with a pre-flight briefing about power usage in the landing pattern have allowed every F-100 pilot to enjoy complete success.
Clean wing, the Hun can be a rocket ship. Hang on some external stores and it is tamed a bit as well as providing enhanced visibility. The slatted wing allows it to carry a load of ordinance and fuel and still have a comfortable landing speed.
We used this flying session to practice our landing pattern techniques. A good landing usually follows a well planned and executed landing pattern because the pilot's work load is diminished. Proper power management is the key to making it simple.
Good friends, good weather and good flying jets make for memorable times in our hobby.


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