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Center bodies are Back In-Stock!

 These are for the AirBlue Series and the Purple Nose Series.

Call to order today 407-327-6333

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Service and Support

That's what you expect and get from the BVM staff who actually builds and flies the jet products we sell.

So, if you purchased it from BVM, expect the best!

New Items

BVM Polo

BVM Camo Hat

BVM Aluminum Plugs


BVM Series Power Plugs

BVM Tool Organizer

BVM Fuel Fill Valve



BVM Grey Hat

Engine Strap Screw Clamp

Upgrade Springs

.050" Allen BVM Tool

Allen Wrench Set

Hi-Flow Flush Mount Vent and Overflow Fittings

Convenient to use on any turbine powered jet.

Electra ARF CNC CF Nose Flex Arms

BVM Collar Tool

Hi-Flow Fuel System

The Must-Have BVM

Polo is here!

Just in time for the Ultimate
Christmas Gift!


This new BVM Polo is moisture wicking, has snag protection, and is UV protected.
Also, it has a smooth soft feel.


Shop now   www.shopbvmjets.com

 Since the start of the KingCat, RC enthusiasts have used this platform to further their flying endeavors with it's trainer like flying characteristics. While having the agility of an advanced fighter jet makes the KingCat extremely versatile.

 BVM has listened to what flyers said they would like to see and have developed new features to an already time proven aircraft.

 With new Trailing Link Struts on the Nose and Main Gear and a removable Nose Cone and Canopy with no tools required. Also easier Servo Mounting and faster building. This KingCat has new exciting schemes as well as all the original schemes.
Click Here for more information on the KingCat
Click Here for more information on the KingCat

BVM is having a Hangar Blow-Out Sale!

50% OFF

Most items are in new condition while some are scratched/dented or missing parts.

Click Here For To See The List!

Aeropoxy & QTPlus Announcement


Recent supply challenges with empty 50ML 1:1 Cartridges


BVM now offers the
Aeropoxy and QTPlus in a 75ML size.


Same formula, same strength, just a larger cartridge.

For More Information CLICK HERE

In Stock Model

BVM YAK-130 1:4

Single Engine

Call For More Information

 The new Tomahawk Aviation Hawk PnP 1:3,5 is now available for orders through BVM. The Mk66 and Hawk 100 are built and painted with all servos installed. The plane is manufactured for you to the color scheme you like ( all scale schemes available) and the price includes the delivery air-cargo " door to door" packed in crates.

Please check out www.tomahawk-aviation-usa.com


Click on images to enlarge


Effective January 18, 2022, BVM will have a 10% price increase on most models and some accessories.

This is the first price increase we have had in five years, however with the expense of materials, labor, and shipping all on the rise we can no longer absorb all the extra cost.


Thank you for your understanding and continued support.



BVM is proud to announce that we now offer the full range of Tomahawk Aviation jet model aircraft. The high quality, sophisticated engineered Tomahawk models compliment the BVM product line as we continue to support your jet modeling needs. We are also excited that the 1:3.7 F-86 Sabre is now available in the RX ready format equivalent to the BVM Go Fly Gold that so many of you have come to enjoy. We look forward to assisting you with current and future Tomahawk Aviation projects.

For more information visit www.tomahawk-aviation-usa.com.


Sales inquiries can be sent to tausasales@bvmjets.com.

Technical assistance can be directed to tausatechinfo@bvmjets.com.

BVM Servos Now Available in 


BVM now offers 3 new servos (12kg, 32kg, and 42kg) installed in our

The NEW BVM Servos offer a higher resolution than the previously installed servo's.

Click Here For More Information

Design, fiberglass lay-up, assembly, painting, and equipment installation are all part of our new
"Go Fly Gold" offerings accomplished in our 14,000 sq. ft. Winter Springs, Florida facility.

BVM's team with 35 years experience is committed to delivering a jet model airplane that you will be proud to own. And, we are here to help you after the sale.

Service and support is an advantage that all BVM customers enjoy.

Click Here For More Information

Contact us at (407)327-6333 Eastern Time Zone
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