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LED Lights MAXIMUM VOLTAGE when testing is 3.7 Volts.

Afterburner Ring testing voltage is 7.4 Volts.

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3.0mm Philips BVM Tool

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Bob Violett’s

RC Jet International Magazine

A tribute to the godfather of R/C jets


To order the digital edition, below is the link: 




BVM is proud to announce that we now offer the full range of Tomahawk Aviation jet model aircraft. The high quality, sophisticated engineered Tomahawk models compliment the BVM product line as we continue to support your jet modeling needs. We are also excited that the 1:3.7 F-86 Sabre is now available in the RX ready format equivalent to the BVM Go Fly Gold that so many of you have come to enjoy. We look forward to assisting you with current and future Tomahawk Aviation projects.

For more information visit www.tomahawk-aviation-usa.com.


Sales inquiries can be sent to tausasales@bvmjets.com.

Technical assistance can be directed to tausatechinfo@bvmjets.com.



BVM F-100F

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BVM F-15 1:8 Scale

Click Here for more information on the F-15

 With extremely heavy hearts we regret to announce that our founder and namesake Bob Violett passed away on Saturday, March 21, 2020, at home surrounded by his loving family.

 Passionate is probably the best word to describe Bob.  He was one of the lucky ones that could turn the passion of his hobby into a career as well.  He always said that you can’t be successful running a model airplane company unless you had a passion for the hobby.  And run a model airplane company was something that he did very well.  BVM Jets was started in 1981 when BV was still a pilot at Eastern Airlines.  Starting with his Sport Shark ducted fan model, he traveled the country going to events to show off his product capabilities.  He followed his original models with his iconic Viper, Aggressor, and the scale F86.  All of which became industry standard-bearers. Bob developed BVM Jets into much more than a model airplane company. The BVM Jets brand became synonymous with quality and excellence, so much so that people and companies want to be associated with it worldwide.  When the first JPX turbine engines became available he jumped at the chance to use his knowledge to make sure his airframes would be able to handle this exciting innovation.  Teaming with Kent Nogy they entered the first turbine-powered model, the BVM T-33 into competition in the 1994 Top Gun Invitational in West Palm Beach Florida.  Bob knew there was a revolution coming to the Model Jet industry and he embraced it wholeheartedly. Using his Engineered For Success motto, he developed numerous scale and sport airframes all with his signature instruction package, plans, and innovative accessories.  He knew that if a modeler would buy one of his airplanes that they would be coming back for more, and they did, with many of these people becoming not just customers but lifelong friends as well.

 At the BVM facility, there are a few things you could always count on; a large number of airplanes and trophies in the showroom, thirty-plus years’ worth of pictures on the walls, Patty on the telephone, and some young blood that BV would be mentoring or being mentored to.  Bob was never afraid to have new up-and-coming people work with him, He embraced it.  He knew he could teach his ways and learn from them, new technologies that were always being developed in the industry.  Some of the great young talent that came through the BVM factory were Chris Huhn, David Ribbe, Dustin Buescher, Tommy Dodgen and currently Rob Lynch.  He loved working with them and the energy that they would provide.  It gave him pride to know that the Model Airplane industry was going to be in good hands for future generations.


 The Model Airplane industry is going to miss Bob Violett tremendously, as is the BVM facility.  It’s impossible to replace a legend.  He just loved to be working on the next project, always with the goal of making his jets better, safer, and easier for the customer.  But the flying field was where he was always the most comfortable.  From the early days of being a 3x world champion Pylon Racer to later being Mr. Top Gun, he was always silky smooth with a transmitter in his hands.  As late as last year after a particularly good flight, you would see him with his big grin saying, “the old man still has it”.  And as usual, right after a great flight, he would take off down the flight line to see who else might need his help or advice.  Always giving to make the hobby better and safer.

 When he finally sold BVM three years ago his number one priority was to find a buyer that understood and could emulate his passion for the industry.  Even though Bob hasn’t been around the factory as much in the last few years his ideals are ingrained in the company.  BVM Jets will continue with the passion that BV has inflicted on us all.  There is a reason that the average employee at BVM has worked there for over 15 years.  We have a dedication and love for the industry and the customers that we are privileged to work with.  Bob has affected all of us, Patty, Rob, Louis, Don, Heather, Jeanette, Kirby, Julio, Gary, Rodolfo, and the many others with his desire to always do what is right for the hobby and most importantly the customer, and we pledge to follow through with his wishes.


 Bob is predeceased by his infant son Robert Violett Jr. and survived by his wife of 58 years Patricia Violett; Daughters Marcia Jones, Patty Generali, Debbie Violett Grindstaff; Son-in Laws Tal Jones, Michael Generali; Grandchildren Victoria Tasch, Garrett Jones, and Mary Eileen Grindstaff;
Sisters Mary-Anne Schoeb, Marcia Geoghan; And thousands of fellow modelers that he considered his family.


God-Speed BV


Please go to www.Baldwinfairchildoviedo.com for the Bob Violett obituary and to leave a message on how BV has touched your life.  We would love to hear from you.


Due to Covid-19 funerals are being restricted to immediate family members only.  Any further memorials or plans will be announced in the future.

BVM Servos Now Available in 


BVM now offers 3 new servos (12kg, 32kg, and 42kg) installed in our

The NEW BVM Servos offer a higher resolution than the previously installed servo's.

Click Here For More Information

Design, fiberglass lay-up, assembly, painting, and equipment installation are all part of our new
"Go Fly Gold" offerings accomplished in our 14,000 sq. ft. Winter Springs, Florida facility.

BVM's team with 35 years experience is committed to delivering a jet model airplane that you will be proud to own. And, we are here to help you after the sale.

Service and support is an advantage that all BVM customers enjoy.

Click Here For More Information

Service and Support

That's what you expect and get from the BVM staff who actually builds and flies the jet products we sell.

So, if you purchased it from BVM, expect the best!

Contact us at (407)327-6333 Eastern Time Zone
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