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BVM F-16 1:6 Scale PNP   ●   BVM YAK-130 PNP   ●   BVM Cougar PNP 

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BVM P.N.P.'s In Stock
F-16 1:5 PNP Addendum 

Warbirds Over The Rockies

Jets Over Kentucky Award
EDF Jet Jam 
●TIP - PNP Solenoid Valves
First In Flight Event Coverage 
EVF Battery Notice 
Electra CNC CF Nose Flex Arms
F-16 1:6 Replacement Parts  
Blast From The Past   

Ultra Bandit Addendum  
BVM F-16 PNP 1:5 Addendums 
BVM PNP L-39 Engine & Inlet Duct Clarification 
Air Fill Valve - Air Fill Chuck    
Touch-Up Paint for your PNP Jet
BVM F-16 1:5 PNP Video  
BVM PNP F-16 1:5 Transportability 
BVM Collar Tool 
●TIP - 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner
●TIP - PNP Wheel Bearing Lubrication
●TIP - Parts Ordering Tip 
Bandit ARF MKII Fuel System

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Fuel System Flush Mount Fittings
Fuel System Guidelines  
Ultra Bandit 100% Made In The USA
Engine-Out - Save The Model Recovery Procedure   
VIDEO - BVM Clevis Pliers 
F-16 PNP CF "Arch Brace" Option  
"Dry Lube" Also Guards Against Rust 
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Air Speed Limits     
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Grinding Out Old Glue

New Items

Electra ARF CNC CF Nose Flex Arms

BVM Collar Tool

Fuel System Spring Clips

Tubing Adaptor

Jet-Foam Cradles

For ease of assembling and transporting your jets

Flush Mount Vent and Overflow Fittings

Convenient to use on any turbine powered jet.

Hi-Flow Fuel System



Servicing the USA, Central America, and Canada.

This 35th Anniversary Limited Edition will only be produced until December 30, 2017.

Offered at a Special "GO-FLY" price of $8,000.00

Retail Value $12,700.00

**Go-Fly includes Airframe with hardware, Fuel System, Pneumatic Landing Gear, and Turbine Installation**

BVM Celebrating 35 years of Engineering Success

Join us in celebrating! Send in your favorite blast from the past photos. Be sure to include names and dates of the pilots, helpers, and vintage of the model. Watch the website & our Facebook page for exciting developments.

Bob Violett Top Gun 1990
Mesa, Arizona

Click Here To See The "Blast From The Past" Photos


Airshow Scheme #3

Red/ LeMans Blue/ White

Single Seat Cockpit
Swept Fin

Available Now!


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For more information on the Ultra Bandit
click here


BVM PNP F-1 Mirage

1/5 Scale
Length: 118 w/o Pitot Tube, Wing Span: 70 with Missile Rails


Intro Pricing


includes freight shipped within the USA

Speed Sense & Common Sense

by Bob Violett

Service and Support

That's what you expect and get from the BVM staff who actually builds and flies the jet products we sell.

So, if you purchased it from BVM, expect the best!

Contact us at (407)327-6333 Eastern Time Zone
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