Demon Aero Cortex Pro 

 Engine Mounts for Ultra Bandit

 BVM Collar Tool 

 Flush Panel Screw Countersink Tool 

 Fuel System Spring Clips

  L-39 Jet-Foam Cradle

  Hi-Flow Disc   

  Tubing Adaptor   

  Velcro and Hook n' Loop   

  Magnum-ION and LiPo Receiver Power

  BobCat Composite Jet-Foam Cradle 

  BVM YAK-130 PNP  1:4.85 Scale

  BVM F-16 PNP Jet-Foam Cradle

  F-86F Sabre Jet  84" WingSpan ARF

  BVM Dry Lube - Especially good for electric retracts

  Flush Mount Vent and Overflow Fittings

  Hi-Flow Aluminum Tank Cap System 

  BVM Syringe

  HiFlow Fuel System 

  BVM / Xtreme A-10  1:7.75 EVF Main Wheels, Tires, and Brakes Upgrade

  Bandit Clear Canopy and Cockpit

  9 Blade Rotors for EVF Fan Units

  Pump Mount

  Warbird 1/6th Jet Pilot

  Paint Mask Disc

  eBandit Main Gear Flex Plates

  BVM Clevis Pliers

  BVM Engine Mounting Adaptor Plates

  ZAP Rubber Toughened CA

  E-Brake V-2

  EVF A-10 Warthog

  Skymaster F-104G Success Packs

  EFuel to PowerLab Adaptor Kit

  KingCat Wing Tanks

  MiG-15 ARF Servo Driven Speed Brakes

  Ultra Bandit Fly Navy Color Scheme

  Electra ARF Fly Navy and Red/Silver/White Color Scheme

  Bandit ARF MKI & MKII & eBandit Main Gear Mount Reinforcement Kits

  BVM Safety Wire Spool

  Skymaster Cougar & Panther Success Packs and Instructions

  Digital Servo & Receiver Current Meter

  BVM Mounts for JetCat P-100

  MiG-15 ARF Speed Brake Kit

  Epoxy Starter Kit

  Early T-33 / F-80 Main Gear Flex Mounts

  Wire / Tubing Loom

  BVM Airline Organizer Strips

  Canopy Hook Shims

  BVM Servo Wire Organizer Strip

  Cellpro Power Lab 6

  Aluminum Gear Door Hinges

  JR Transmitter Battery Upgrade

  Skymaster BAE Hawk BVM Success Packs





























New for 2018 - 2019




Design, fiberglass lay-up, assembly, painting, and equipment installation are all part of our new
"Go Fly Gold" offerings accomplished in our 14,000 sq. ft. Winter Springs, Florida facility.

BVM's team with 35 years experience is committed to delivering a jet model airplane that you will be proud to own. And, we are here to help you after the sale.

Service and support is an advantage that all BVM customers enjoy.

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